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Salon James

I was commissioned by a local salon and spa to create a set of works to help brighten the walls of their modern business establishment. In light of the style and creative atmosphere the salon already embodied, I chose watercolor as my medium. The bright flowing colors in these paintings helped to exemplify the personalities of the salon's vibrant employees, while the detailed pen design complimented their attention to detail and precision of their craft. 

I was approached by a groom-to-be who was frustrated with the current groomsman invitations on the market. Looking for something less cliche with a personal touch, I was commissioned to create a card to match his simple, yet witty style. Being a musician, I decided to illustrate a cartoon version of the groom serenading his (hopefully) future groomsman, with the formal question on the inside, shown above on the right.

Louie's Restaurant

I was asked by a local Italian restaurant owner to create a logo and card  for their birthday club promotion. These cards were given to customers with their bill when they paid using their birthday club promotional coupon.

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